A dedication to my love affair with the hand shakes, claps, slaps, snaps, pops, locks, hugs, bumps, knocks, kicks, flicks, rolls, throws, and all of the complex sequences of movements involved in celebrating the game of baseball.

Developed out of a twitter in-joke with a couple of Blue Jays bloggers, ARC is slowly spiraling out of control.

The photos seen here are used for satirical and parodical purposes. All credit to the outstanding photographers that capture these amazing sights.

"Oh yeah, he's good.
"Yeah, that guy. He's a regular."
"We like him."
-Andrew Stoeten and Dustin Parkes, Drunk Jays Fans/Getting Blanked

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Big Boy Glove

Courtesy: AP Photo

Big Boy Glove

Courtesy: AP Photo

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