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Developed out of a twitter in-joke with a couple of Blue Jays bloggers, ARC is slowly spiraling out of control.

The photos seen here are used for satirical and parodical purposes. All credit to the outstanding photographers that capture these amazing sights.

"Oh yeah, he's good.
"Yeah, that guy. He's a regular."
"We like him."
-Andrew Stoeten and Dustin Parkes, Drunk Jays Fans/Getting Blanked

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This one goes out to the members of the 2011 Toronto Blue Jays that are either on the DFA bubble as we speak or have already been let go.

I know it’s tough for you guys, having to play for your lives in the bigs day in and day out. While the ARC machine likes to poke fun at the struggles and hardships of some of the more troubled Jays, it also has a deep profound respect for how hard it can be to go through a long funk.

So, here’s some advice from awesome singer and former CKDJ artist Janelle Monae:

  • "Cause baby whether you’re high or low
    Whether you’re high or low
    You gotta tip on the tightrope
    T-t-t-tip on the tightrope.”

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, good days and bad, you’re still going to be walking that fine line moving forward. Just relax and have some fun out there.

Corey Patterson, especially. I know you’re quickly losing both playing time and trade value, but panicking on plays during the few times you do get to play isn’t helping your cause. Calm down and work on your routes to flyballs.

Edwin Encarnacion. Eddie. You’re starting to look like your old, run producing self. Don’t let that turri-horri-god awful call at home plate get you down. Be proud… and stay away from the roman candles.

Octavio Dotel. Just keep working away and keep leaving post-its on Farrel’s desk about keeping you away from lefties.

Jo-Jo Reyes, you have won me over this season. You made me care about your development by being a very challenging enigma. Groundballs will always be your friend. Pitch for the groundout.

Jayson Nix, David Purcey and Juan Rivera. You were under appreciated for what you brought to the team and overlooked for not always producing when it mattered. But you all at least tried, and sometimes you came through for us. Stay golden.

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