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Developed out of a twitter in-joke with a couple of Blue Jays bloggers, ARC is slowly spiraling out of control.

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"Oh yeah, he's good.
"Yeah, that guy. He's a regular."
"We like him."
-Andrew Stoeten and Dustin Parkes, Drunk Jays Fans/Getting Blanked

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This one goes out to the members of the 2011 Toronto Blue Jays that are either on the DFA bubble as we speak or have already been let go.

I know it’s tough for you guys, having to play for your lives in the bigs day in and day out. While the ARC machine likes to poke fun at the struggles and hardships of some of the more troubled Jays, it also has a deep profound respect for how hard it can be to go through a long funk.

So, here’s some advice from awesome singer and former CKDJ artist Janelle Monae:

  • "Cause baby whether you’re high or low
    Whether you’re high or low
    You gotta tip on the tightrope
    T-t-t-tip on the tightrope.”

I guess what I’m trying to get at is, good days and bad, you’re still going to be walking that fine line moving forward. Just relax and have some fun out there.

Corey Patterson, especially. I know you’re quickly losing both playing time and trade value, but panicking on plays during the few times you do get to play isn’t helping your cause. Calm down and work on your routes to flyballs.

Edwin Encarnacion. Eddie. You’re starting to look like your old, run producing self. Don’t let that turri-horri-god awful call at home plate get you down. Be proud… and stay away from the roman candles.

Octavio Dotel. Just keep working away and keep leaving post-its on Farrel’s desk about keeping you away from lefties.

Jo-Jo Reyes, you have won me over this season. You made me care about your development by being a very challenging enigma. Groundballs will always be your friend. Pitch for the groundout.

Jayson Nix, David Purcey and Juan Rivera. You were under appreciated for what you brought to the team and overlooked for not always producing when it mattered. But you all at least tried, and sometimes you came through for us. Stay golden.

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Rethinking Jo-Jo’s Bizarre Adventure

The Response

So, I’ve been doing some thinking.

In an attempt to work out why Jo-Jo Reyes seems to look better on the mound when he keeps his fly ball total under or around his ground ball total, I went stat hunting. What I found, for reference sake, looked like this:

Nothing that really busts or confirms my thoughts in the group. Since posting it last night, I’ve been left with a kind of an itch that I haven’t been able to scratch. This is in-part due to the wise words of super-cool-bro 1 Blue Jays Way, who reminded me how stats are best used: to backup a theory. Not as the support.

So, where does that leave my notion about Jo-Jo and his fly balls?

One factor that I didn’t take into effect is the fact that he’s working in in Toronto about half of the time. SkyRogers CentreDome seems to be a hitters park and fly balls do tend to carry deeper than in a more neutral park. So, in that sense, Jo-Jo would be playing with fire if he continues to let opponents take him to the sky most of the time. Eventually, all those outfield hits are going to catch up with him and, like we saw last night with the inside-the-park-homer, the mistakes that are made in the outfield can have far more impact on the game than a bad throw from third by senior DFA Pool lifeguard Edwin Encarnacion.

I like Jo-Jo Reyes. He’s shown us glimpses of being a reliable arm in the back of rotation that could move up a bit if he keeps improving. But the ball has to stay on the ground, especially in hitters parks like Rogers Centre and the Great American Ball Park, or he’s going to joining said Encarnacion in also said DFA pool.

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Then There’s the Times Where an Idea Blows Up in Your Face…


Trying to find stats to prove or disprove a theory can be a difficult and frustrating task. This is doubly so in baseball.

During tonight’s game between the Jays and the Cincinnati Reds, I thought I recognized a correlation between the success of Jo-Jo Reyes and the number of fly balls that he put up. Going into the seventh inning (before the Rolen HR where the wheels started to come off), Jo-Jo had pitched well, garnering only one inside the park homer that really wasn’t his fault. He had ten (10) ground balls compared to his seven (7) fly balls along with five (5) strike outs before he got run off the mound.

This got me to thinking if the amount of balls that he puts in play for his fielders and where they end up have any direct dictation over how well or poorly he ends up pitching. So, I start scouring fangraphs for some good old stats… and right about here is where the theory done blew up in my face like a firecracker at the Encarnacion residence.

Nope. Nothing to work with here.

I highlighted the number of flyballs and the Win Probability Added for each start in red. Any start where he had a high number of fly balls in comparison to his ground ball total and he suffered because of it is in green. Any time where the results deviate from my theory (either due to pooping the bed with more/equal ground balls or where he did well in spite of them) are in blue. Jo-Jo’s complete game victory is in yellow. Pretty even ratio of GB/FB in that game. I highlighted it just because.

What does it tell us? Inconclusive. He’s shown the ability to get around skying balls for the outfielders some of the time. However, he’s also been punished for doing it, too.

I don’t know guys. Thought I had something, but it looks like this turned into a thirty minute statistical wank-fest with no real satisfaction at the end. I think I just figuratively blueballed myself with pitching stats.

I don’t like this feeling.

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Jon Rauch uses his super secret chameleon powers and freaks out Jose Molina for a while during tonight’s win against the Royals by taking a few swings for him. #GiantRauch
(Photo Courtesy of Reuters)

Jon Rauch uses his super secret chameleon powers and freaks out Jose Molina for a while during tonight’s win against the Royals by taking a few swings for him. #GiantRauch

(Photo Courtesy of Reuters)

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It’s not what it looks like, I swear….

Photo courtesy: AP Photo

It’s not what it looks like, I swear….

Photo courtesy: AP Photo

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Release the hounds.

Photo courtesy: AP Photo

Release the hounds.

Photo courtesy: AP Photo

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Haters: Gonna Hate

Courtesy: AP Photo

Haters: Gonna Hate

Courtesy: AP Photo

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Big Boy Glove

Courtesy: AP Photo

Big Boy Glove

Courtesy: AP Photo

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Choose Your Own Contract Extention: Tardy to the Party Recap

So, uh, yeah. School happened. ARC got put into mothballs. Now it’s back. Hooray!

I missed out on just about everything possible to talk about. The Winter Meetings came and went and AA really shook up the team, right? A big free agent signing with everyone getting excited for the new big names that he bet the farm on getting, correct?

Not a chance.

Let’s get the ol’ goose-greased ARC machine up and running again with a recap of departures and acquisitions! These are like the blogging equivalent of a clip show, I know, but let’s do it anyway! Laziness!!!1


SO LONG, FAREWELL, AUF WIEDERSEHEN: Released, Free Agency, Or Otherwise

Shaun Hill, Miguel Olivo, Scott Downs, Kevin Gregg, Lyle Overbay, John Buck, Brian Tallet, DeWayne Wise, Jeremy Accardo, Fred Lewis, Jerrett Hoffpauir, Taylor Buchholz and possibly more to come.

Downs will probably be the most universally missed by Jays fans. But let’s face facts: he’s 35 and looking for (and got) a multi-year contract worth a fair chunk of change. The two picks the Jays get from him, regardless of the one coming from the Angels not being in the first round, is worth more.

John Buck and Kevin Gregg are either looking to or already have cashed in on promising seasonsĀ  and the first two get the Jays draft picks that they can use. John Buck was fine as the main backstop last year, but now is the time for JP Arencibia to step in so there is no room for him. Gregg can and will be replaced for someone cheaper. That’s not to say he’s horrible, but he’s not exactly a one-of-a-kind closer either. (Case in point: Blue Jays are in on “Doc” Octavio Dotel. A cheaper version of Gregg that K’s and BB’s a little more but gives up less hits.)

Shaun Hill, Fred Lewis, Lyle Overbay and DeWayne Wise are all non-tender candidates for a reason: You can find similar or better players on the market for less. Like the Gregg situation, they’ll all be shopping there wares elsewhere. Unlike the Gregg situation, they aren’t ranked on the Elias scale and therefore don’t get draft picks back for the Jays. Jeremy Accardo will finally be set free after holding his breath until he turned the same blue as the Las Vegas 51’s jersey.

Hoffpauir and Buchholz were picked up by other teams through the waiver process. They were non-factors on the Jays last year. Buchholz would be interesting to get back, but I’d rather have kept Casey Fien at the start of Spring Training all the way to now.

Miguel Olivo you didn’t even play for the Jays last year what are you doing on the team? Type B FA, Sandwich pick, yadda yadda yadda, AA’s a genius. Moving on.

Brian Tallet… I will remember you~



Danny Farquhar, Trystan Magnuson, Shawn Marcum

Lord Farquhar and Magnuson were traded for speedy outfielder Rajai Davis. I miss Farquhar already. Davis is either a 4th outfielder type or, if he ever gets it all together, a starting outfielder. He changes from year to year.


Shawn Marcum got traded for 2B/3B/LF/RF (depending on who you ask) Brett Lawrie. It’s a good trade. Sell high on a 30 year old control pitcher that hit his potential and could only come down for a blue-chip prospect at a position(s) you aren’t deep in. If I hear one more asshole talk about Marcum being the opening day starter and “WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GET ANOTHER GUY LIKE THAT EVER AA IS A STUPID” I swear it’ll be the end of me.



It appears that Jason “Sausage King of Chicago” Frasor will be back to pitch 8th innings and constantly be a tease for the closer role next year. I’m okay with this. He’s a fine enough bullpen arm, just keep him for the 8th.

Just when you thought it was over, IT returns. Woah… Encarnacion. Edwin Encarnacion is back for another go. This time, as the platoon-mate of Adam Lind at first base and the DH spot. They compliment each other, Adam hitting righties and Edwin hitting lefties. It’s the traditional platoon. Learn it, love it, live it.

Again, one more comment about “CAWRLOS PENNA ZOMG WE DIDN’T GET HIM AND HIS BLOWTED CONTROCT 5TH PLAEC” and I’m turning this franchise around and we’re going home.



Corey Patterson, Winston Abreu, Ryan Budde, Sean Henn, Mike Hinckley, Brian Stokes, probably more.

Depth. All depth moves. Maybe Patterson makes a move for a bench spot and a platoon with Davis. Big maybe.

Oh hi, Sean Henn. Didn’t see you leave. Good to have you back.


That’s about it. Anyways, quiet but efficient offseason that most people have looked at the wrong way. Baby steps people. Gotta crawl before you walk.